Linkcode Generator
aid Affiliate. * THIS FIELD IS REQUIRED.
cmp Campaign. There is no default value.
ad Ad id. There is no default value.
PartnerSoft tour: 1
default affiliate: popcamster - This affiliate will be used if you do not specify one.

Tour shows a live model's feed.

category Category. The default value depends on the tour.
model id(s)
Model id or a comma-separated list of model ids. If one of the the models is online the tour will direct to their live room. If none of the models are online it will redirect to the free tour. (The model id is the group of digits at the end of the url on the model's page.)
flow Sign up flow. (`doi` means double opt in.)
sound Sound. Default value is `y`. Only needs to be passed if sound=n.

Instructions for linking to

Linking url:



URL Parameters

Name Default Description
ad (none)

This is the ad id.

aid (none) *REQUIRED*

This is the affiliate. The `aid` parameter will be translated to 'a' when passed to ( also accepts `a`, but you should get in the practice of using `aid`.)

category (depends on tour)
Free Static (3)
  • t1
  • t2
  • bigtits
Live Feed (1)
  • 18-22
  • asian
  • bbw
  • big-ass
  • big-tits
  • blonde
  • brunette
  • couples
  • ebony
  • feet
  • fetish
  • hairy-pussy
  • latin
  • live-sex
  • milf
  • petite
  • playboy-girls
  • pornstars
  • redhead
  • shaved-pussy
  • squirter
  • white
  • shemale
Static Video (poptour1)
  • bigtits1
  • bigtits2
  • extreme1
  • latina1
  • webcam1
  • webcam2

For the Live Feed tour you can omit the category and a model will be chosen randomly from all categories. For all other tours a category must be selected.

cmp (none) This is the campaign value.
flow (none)

The sign up flow. If this field is not specified then a zero-dollar signup is used.

Valid values for flow are:

  • doi

`doi` means double opt in.

sound y

Should the sound be on or off. This parameter accepts the values of `y` or `n`. Since the default is to play sound the only time the sound parameter needs to be passed is when you want to turn the sound off. For this reason "sound=y" is always omitted from the generated link code.

tour best

Individual tours are numbered, that is 1, 2, 3, etc. There are also predefined tours that will automatically redirect to a specified tour. For example, if you want to always use the best performing tour then use `best` as the tour value. The code will automagically determine which tour performs best and use that. This will be passed in the `t` parameter, as well as the `tour` parameter.

Below is a list of the details for all current tours.